Nunatak is Giving Back

Renewable energy technology has almost endless possibilities to help people and communities around the globe.  Having access to reliable clean energy can create opportunities for people to better their lives and empower whole communities.

At Nunatak Alternative Energy Solutions, we believe in using our skill base and a portion of our profits to meet these goals of empowerment and opportunity.  We are often approached to help with remote power projects in developing nations, and for a time we did not have the excess funds to travel or donate equipment to these endeavors.  Thus, the birth of the Perpetuity Fund:

We pledge to take a portion of our profits from every watt of renewable energy we install, and place it in our Perpetuity Fund.  As this fund grows, we will use it to take part in bringing renewable energy to communities in need around the world.  We hope to continue the cycle of giving back, while we watch our business grow.