At Nunatak Alternative Energy Solutions, integrity is important.  Our interest is in helping you solve big picture energy problems.  Creatively balancing your needs and budget without compromising quality is our paramount concern.  For every dollar spent increasing household energy efficiency, you can save three to five dollars on the cost of your renewable energy system by reducing the system size needed.  We will help you evaluate the best ways to meet your energy goals, including:

  • site evaluation

  • renewable energy system design and installation including:

    • solar electric (PV)

    • small wind

    • microhydro

  • existing system upgrades and maintenance

  • education: workshops and private consultation

Nunatak Alternative Energy Solutions is my go-to company for anything solar or alternative energy in the Gunnison Valley. They are up-to-date, professional, courteous, and friendly! They have installed a quality solar electric system on my home. They even repaired a solar thermal (hot water) system that another contractor couldn’t get right. Thanks for the wonderful service, and helping to make our world a better place.
— Alison Gannett, former Crested Butte Resident and Global Warming Activist

Solar Electric Systems (PV):

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      We are Nationally certified PV Installers (NABCEP), and our company is a member in good standing of both the state (COSEIA) and national (SEIA) trade organizations.   Look for these certifications to ensure you are hiring qualified professionals who are familiar with National Code Compliance, proper system design, maintenance, and safety.

Grid-Tied PV Systems

       Most people who already have electricity connected to their homes will be interested in grid-tied solar electric systems, where you still use electricity from the utility grid as usual, but also produce your own green electricity that is sold back to the utility to help offset your usage.  Most areas in Colorado now offer Net Metering, where you can spin your meter backwards!  Whether you decide to try and Net Zero (produce as much electricity as you consume annually) or simply offset a portion of your electricity bill, we can set up a system for you.

Battery-Based PV Systems

       If you have a mountain cabin, far from the utility lines, then an off-grid solar system is what you are looking for.  These systems are generally battery-based, and can incorporate several different power sources to ensure that you have consistent, reliable power.  All battery-based systems tend to be more involved, as we are creating an entire personal power plant for you!     

      If you are concerned about having power when the grid goes down, ask us about battery-based grid-tied solar systems.  You can produce your own green power and have the piece of mind that you will never be without power!

Remote Power Projects:

       As former mountain guides and lovers of the outdoors, we specialize in remote power projects.  We have the ability to travel safely and confidently any time of year to areas far away from paved roads and hardware stores.  Data monitoring and communications equipment, research study areas, reclamation areas, and any type of remote village or camp often need access to power.  We can design rugged, reliable, and often portable systems to meet your needs.  We have the experience of living and working in harsh environments, and know how to design power systems that will last for many years.  Save money and your valuable time by reducing system down-time and maintenance trips.  Contact us for further information.

Wind and Microhydro Systems:


      If you have a suitable site for generating wind or microhydro power, you should take advantage of it!  These power sources tend to be few and far between, but if you have an appropriate site, they are often much more economically feasible than a similarly sized solar system.  A good wind site will have CONSISTENT moderate to strong winds, with few gusts, throughout the year.   A microhydro site will have a stream or river falling quickly over a short distance, preferably near the power destination.